Although we use the tools of improvisation acting, we do much more than that. To better reflect the breadth of what we do, we’re in the process to switching over to a new name: Spark Acting.

Spark Improv is an improvisational acting troupe that brings your creative spark to life. Our characters transform an event’s theme into an immersive alternate reality. Our improv blurs the separation between audience and performance, enabling your friends, your guests, and you, to become part of the show.

We are performing at The Goddess Gaia on Saturday, October 22nd, as our fairy and satyr characters. See us on stage and as walk-about characters. We hope to see you there!

Upcomming Performances, Classes, Workshops, Shenanigans, and Whimsy
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We’re excited to share that we’ll be participating this summer in Midwayville, a live-action, analog video game that will feature fun-filled, carnival-fueled merriment, DJs, entertainment, and immersive theater. (The Aether Brigade will be participating too, and we’re happy to have the opportunity to work with them even though we’ve officially left their troupe.)

Join us at the Midwayville Grand Launch on Friday, June 24! In the meantime, like our Facebook page at to stay in the loop about future happenings.